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Zonguldak Mesleki ve Teknik Anadolu Lisesi


9 Ekim 2018 Saat:14:00


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As the demand for IT specialists is increasing globally, the supply doesn’t increase in parallel with demand and it cuases a flow in quality. The employment quality in IT sector is higher than general employment and the role of IT specialists in general employment is increasing in a long period. However, qualified work-power supply doesn’t increase in parallel with the sector demand. The lack of well-educated workers in developed countries is perceived in IT sector. The inconsistency between the qualities that the sector needs and the qualities that the people gain with education will be seen more often in the future and there will be a massive employment shortage in IT field.

The projections which are conducted by the European Commission also approve this fact. Depending on different scenarios, it is expected that shortage in quality may increase up to 669.000 in 2015. In order to find solutions to this problem, different initiators, such as Digital Agenda, Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs, E-Skills Program are performed in digital Works. The main purpose of these initiatives is to bring the needed qualities of these people by increasing manpower supply in IT field.

In recent years, the tendencies affecting the sectorial pattern and operational figure in IT field determines the quantity and quality of human source which is needed in sectors where IT sector and IT is intensively used. Depending on the tendencies, the geographies and sectors where the human source is needed have altered and the need cyber security is one those tendencies which has come into prominence.