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California, United States.

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Working Hours

Mon-Sat: 9.30am To 7.00pm

The project outcomes and intellectual outputs:

  • Generating the road map about cyber security in Turkey and research in European Practices and Education
  • Developing curriculum in cyber security education
  • Developing e-learning systems in distance education platform, giving education in EU standards, giving certificates to the people who complete their education showing that they are educated to be specialists in their fields
  • Book about cyber security
  • Activities and materials used to raise awarenes, which are;
  1. Seminars
  2. 3 conferences (Germany, England, Turkey)
  3. Project magazine, brochure, CD and website
  4. Informing public via media
  5. Banners and posters


The target beneficiaries of the project are the administrators in vocational education , IT teachers and trainers working in this field. There will be 7 meetings which are planned and 3 different conferences are planned in order to share the research findings and introduce and disseminate project outcomes (Germany, England and Turkey). Additionally, each institution will give seminars to their own staff about project aims, objectives and products.

2 participants from each partner institution is planned to participate in 7 meetings that will be held as part of our project. Additionally, short-term learning, teaching or training actiities are planned in order to explain and teach cyber security education prograƶ and distance learning platform. 2 participants from each institution will participate in this activity (3 participants from Bulent Ecevit University).

It is planned out that more than 700 people will benefit from this project.